Perfect to Read In The Rain using Magic Cocoon Maison

Perfect to Read In The Rain using Magic Cocoon Maison

It’s perfect to read in the rain using the magic cocoon maison. Imagine being outside in any kind of weather without having to worry about getting wet. Imagine having your very own tiny space to retreat to whenever you need a few moments to yourself. This plastic leisure bubble is portable, hang-able, waterproof, and is totally functional for any off grid situation. Whether you’re living an off grid life or just want your own little self-contained bubble to lounge in now and again, Cocoon 1 gives you the perfect space to sit back, read a book, and even make a cup of tea.

Although you probably wouldn’t want to live in Cocoon 1 all day long, it could provide you with a sweet escape on those hectic afternoons. For anyone living off the grid, this bubble dwelling could work really well as an off grid accessory, serving as a mobile annex room - providing you with shelter, battery power, and, if you choose the kitchen module, a sink and a stove. There is also a work station module where you can easily install a hard drive and Wi-Fi router, just in case you would prefer a quiet place to work in. Or perhaps you would like one of each? The cocoon also comes with storage space and bright-coloured cushion blocks that can be arranged in several different ways to form sofas, chairs, and backrests. You can also hang your plastic bubble room from a tree using a special net, and the folks who invented it at Micasa Lab are currently working on a way to float it on water. For anyone living the off grid life, it could be a dream to own two or three of these, each with a different purpose. You could have your off grid kitchen in the garden, an off grid nap-room in the tree, and an off grid work station on the pond. Perhaps they will eventually make a greenhouse cocoon as well, so you can grow your own food all year round. Although the Cocoon weighs 100 kg and stands at 1.8 meters across when it’s set up, it’s totally collapsible and easy to move wherever you want.

The mastermind behind the Cocoon 1 is Per Ericsson of the aforementioned Micasa Lab, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Ericson lives in a tiny house and had wanted to create a quiet spot where he could catch his breath, relax, and read. He wanted to create something that could be set up just about anywhere – creating a “space within existing spaces”, as he describes it. The Cocoon 1 is surprisingly sound-proof, almost making you feel like you’re in a protected womb space while seated within it. At the same time, its transparency allows for you to watch and wonder at all the world around you while still protected within this tiny self-contained space. With the Cocoon 1, it’s easy to be “in the world but not of it”. If you live in a city, you could easily take the Cocoon 1 with you to the park, or even set it up in a small back yard. If you live in the country, you can set it up just about anywhere and use it as a place to quietly enjoy nature.

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