Life Water Straw Now You Can Drink Clean Water Everywhere You Go

Life Water Straw Now You Can Drink Clean Water Everywhere You Go

So many great new inventions are coming forth all the time, like this Life Water Straw Now You Can Drink Clean Water Everywhere You Go. What a cool contraption that makes off grid life and hiking expeditions so much easier. Water is something we all need to survive. All living beings, plants animals and humans need water to grow and thrive, and water is the basis of all life. While there are many fresh water ways all over the earth, there are also many water ways that are being polluted. Refuse gets dumped into the rivers and lakes in different parts of the world which can cause the spread of disease and infection which makes people sick and even causes death in some cases. Water purification can be costly and many undeveloped countries don't have the infrastructure to put the right purification in place. Off grid water systems are sometimes hard to implement when you are buying raw land as well and they can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Off grid water systems like wells for example can cost around $5000 to be dug and implemented. You can haul water for the majority of the time, but its nice that there is this life water straw that could be used in times of desperation when you need water and don't know how clean it is.

This life water straw makes it really easy to drink clean water anywhere you go. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn't. The technology implemented into this amazing contraption doesn't use any iodine or any other chemicals like chlorine which can be harmful to our systems. It actually filters up to 1000 litres of water in its lifetime which is a lot of water so it could be used quite a bit before having to replace it. It also removes 99.9% of the harmful bacteria in water as well, which is great for drinking water anywhere you are with peace of mind. The life straw only weighs 0.11 pounds so it is nice and light weight to be able to put into your backpack when you are travelling or going on a hike or a biking adventure. How nice would it be to not have to carry around heavy bottles of water when you are hiking or biking? This straw has been used by millions of people since it was put out on the market in 2005, and has won different awards for best invention and innovation. It is not good to use for water that is filled with chemicals though, so it is more aimed toward using it in the back country in North America where water is still relatively clean. They do however provide developing countries with a year's supply of water as a result of selling their product so when you buy one of the life straws you are helping people have access to clean water for a year.

The life straw is one of those things that can make our lives easier when we are camping or hiking through the back country. All you have to do is put the life straw in the water or fill up a water bottle with water and insert the tube into the water and let is soak for a minute. Then all you have to do is suck like you normally would on a straw and fresh water is available to you. How cool is that? The life straws are only $20 as well and can be ordered off amazon and delivered right to your door. You have to love these awesome new inventions that make our lives easier, with cool contraptions like this we don't need to waste all of that plastic and money for disposable water bottles too.*

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